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Despite being first to the genre, with the recent surge of true crime shows, Investigation Discovery was facing unprecedented competition from the likes of HBO and Netflix. They wanted a new brand image campaign that made a statement, proving to viewers and industry members alike why they are the #1 true crime network.

Rather than focusing on the gore of the crimes, we wanted our campaign to center on the events that led up to them. We wanted to rewind from the moment of death and focus on these people's lives. Because that's what ID Channel does best -- uses these true crime stories to shed light on the best and worst parts of humanity.

The campaign centered around one :60 spot, which we then used to make five :10 idents to run during commercial breaks that combined our footage with audio from real ID Channel shows.


Agency: Viewpoint Creative

Executive Creative Director: Michael Middeleer

Sr. Creative Director: James Coulson

Creative Director/Director: David DiNisco

Creative Director/Copywriter: Liz Breen

Composition: Justin Owens

Editor: Jack Sheehan

Sound Design/Mix: Todd Hrinda


Clio Award, Network Branding - Bronze (2019)


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