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During the first year of the Get REALTOR campaign, we worked to not only position REALTORS as experts in buying & selling homes, but as the go-to resource for all things "home." So we created a video series called "REALTOR Hacks," where we highlighted a REALTOR's staging and design knowledge, appealing to current and potential homeowners by showing what a big difference small, inexpensive changes can make. 

The initial goal for the project was a series of Instagram and Facebook carousels that broke room makeovers into three simple steps, but in the end, we overlapped the footage from the three carousels to create master videos that were posted to the REALTOR social channels, and used as YouTube preroll.



Client: The National Association of REALTORS

Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Executive Creative Director: Sean McBride

Creative Directors: Josh Kahn & Nate Donabed

Art Director(s): Ashley Herrin, Jamie Malnati

Copywriter: Liz Breen

Production Company: Sweet Rickey

Director: Brett Karley


Though our original "REALTOR Hacks" videos were created for social, we decided to further extend the reach of the series through a secondary social video format. Whereas the original videos showed a complete makeover — the effect of multiple design "hacks" — the secondary videos detailed the effect a single "hack" could have on a space. 

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